TechConstant is a space dedicated to understanding the implications of technology and business on society. Technology is an overarching and non-autonomous essential that connects and influences political, cultural, and social systems. Its advancement is an expression of evolution - comprehending this gives us a glimpse of the journey we are all part of as humans. Human intelligence perhaps evolves to understand the ununderstood, producing new technologies increasingly. These technologies go through metamorphosis only to become evident in our daily lives and, in eventuality, fade away to make way for the new. Having a probing mind to appreciate these connections, influences, and evolutions helps us avoid indifference and experience guided progress.

"Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born" - Alan Kay

TechConstant is a small effort to create space to acknowledge and analyze the transformations that technology brings in. Weekly articles/posts/essays and newsletters are free. Exclusive premium content is for paid subscribers.

Presently, the readership is spread across the world and includes leaders from different industries.


Basically, an autodidact, who's been on a journey to understand technology from different vantage points.

My name is Vijay S L, and I am based in Bangalore, India. I graduated from ESADE Business School - Spain, and have worked as an analyst, strategy consultant, product manager, and entrepreneur over the last twelve years. Being avid for technology and strategy, TechConstant is a journey to understand things better and share a tech-focused lens to what is happening worldwide.