Being an avid reader and an analyst, I come across many books that could be good reads and insightful to you. So, sharing here a few with you.

"I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library" - Jane Austin

The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology Is Transforming Business, Politics, and Society by Azeem Azar.

The book rightly captures how accelerating technologies such as quantum computing, solar energy, artificial intelligence are expected to transform businesses, politics, and society. Link

Everyday Chaos: Technology, Complexity, and How We’re Thriving in a New World of Possibility by David Weinberger

This book touches on the growing thought concerning how technologies can understand complexities and chaos in our world, something at which we humans would fall short. Upon understanding these complexities, these technologies help us, humans, in many aspects of our lives. However, understanding how these technologies help us is getting more complex. Link