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Based out of India, Tech Constant is my first attempt at writing. I chose to write on technology, having worked as an analyst, strategy consultant, product manager, and entrepreneur.

A required lull for Autonomous Vehicles
by Vijay S L — 3 min read

A required lull for Autonomous Vehicles

Elon Musk's New Master Plan did not reveal a path forward for self-driving vehicles. However, this seems to be a conscious decision. There's a required slow progress path adopted by the industry for the capability to come through, which is also reasonably needed.

Google Cloud acquires Mandiant

Google Cloud acquires Mandiant

Vijay S L — 6 min read

Google's acquisition of the cybersecurity firm Mandiant Inc. enables it to provide a suite of end-to-end cloud security services to its customers. It should also help the company better compete with Microsoft and Amazon and raise its defenses against sophisticated cyberattacks.

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